Senior Developer (PHP, Vue.JS)

Software Development
Will Cantrell
16-11-2021 11:09 AM

Join a company that has a hugely successful SAAS Platform. Work on a product that drives engagement and adds revenue. Collaborate with fellow techies that enjoy their job, that like to solve problems and like to add value to their customers.

It’s your normal LAMP stack environment and they want to take on another Senior Developer (to add to their UK dev team of 5) that wants to work with tech like Vue.JS, API Development and AWS. The role will give you scope to learn new things and work on long-term projects, not just bosh out a website to an unrealistic deadline and that requires you work a silly amount of unpaid overtime. You pride yourself on your quality of your code and not its quantity. You’ll be given time to invest in your learning, earn extra financial bonuses and be guided by a CTO that enjoys seeing people grow.

They're good with people working from home so long as you don't mind meeting up and collaborating with colleagues from time to time.

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