Candidate Promise


  • We’ll always tell you where and when your CV is being submitted. That means you can find out more about the opportunities yourself.

  • We’ll never be secretive about the clients we work with when submitting your CV. We don’t have to be, because many of them work exclusively with us. 

  • We’ll always pass on to you the job description the client gives to us. We’ve got nothing to hide and we make sure they don’t have either. 

  • We’ll tell it like it is. We’ve been around long enough to be able to tell you honestly and expertly whether your expectations and aspirations about your next move are realistic. 

  • We’ll be happy to discuss your current position, and what you could gain from a move. 

The icing on the cake

  • Compared with the industry norm (based on our CVs sent to interview ratio), Pytec is 30% more likely to get you an interview.